Straight Edge Technology

The current tapes on the market are hard to tear with a clean straight line which causes a lot of inconvenience during the prep work of a painting project.

Straight Edge Technology is a great solution to solve this issue. With special perforatations the user achieves an easy and clean tear without a hitch every time.

How It Works

With Straight Edge Technology™ the applications are endless, whether you own your own painting business or you are a DIYer taking on a project at home, you will save time and money with our thought-out and tested products.

How It Works

Functional Components | Key Features

  • The spacing of the perforations will allow for a straight tear every time.
  • No adhesive residue
  • Durable Material. 
  • No bleed through along the side or top of the tape.
  • Multiple size options.

Future Products & Applications

Straight Tape is our initial product launch. We have more products in development utilizing straight edge technology using various materials with numerous applications. We are excited to share these with you in the future.