About Us




Rachel is the founder and CEO of Fine Lines Solutions, LLC. She has a nursing background and has been in the medical field for over fifteen years.



Jake is the co-founder and president of Fine Lines Solutions, LLC. He has been in manufacturing and project management for over ten years.

About Us

We have been married since 2018 and have renovated multiple homes over the past few years. While completing one of our projects, the most time consuming part of that project was the paint preparation. For example, each of the interior/exterior windows needed to be wrapped and taped to prevent paint from getting on the trim of the windows. We spent majority of our time cutting masking tape with a scissors so there was a fine line against the trim of the windows. We both believed there had to be a more efficient way, so we had to invent a new way to tear tape in a straight line every time with a simple pull.

We spent the past couple of years doing global research/patent design working with the different types of masking tape to develop this new technology right here in Wisconsin. We call it “Straight Edge Technology”.

This innovation allows every consumer to get the precise results without hiring a professional.  Straight Tape is one of the many new products that will be hitting the market with this technology.


“All auto body shops, we just utilized this new “perforated” masking tape. It pulls off square every time, excellent resistance to bleed through. This saves so much time, and the results are so precise, thanks to the square corners it leaves. No more tearing or cutting the tape, it just pulls away squarely at inch intervals and only separates with a firm pull. Highly recommended. Finished auto body school at LCCC in Cheyenne in 1980, and have never had this useful of masking tape, until now. Thanks Jake and Rachel.”

April 12, 2023

” I recently completed a large painting project that included the entire first floor of the house, including walls and woodwork. For the project I used Straight Tape, along with 2 other well known paint tapes. I was impressed with Straight Tape’s perforated tear ability, which made taping (especially around woodwork) , much quicker and more precise.

I preferred the adhesion level because Straight Tape did not leave tape residual when removing, as the other two name brands did. Straight Tape made painting clean and consistent lines easier. I will definitely use Straight Tape for my next painting project!”

June, 2023