Fine Lines Solutions


Providing Logical Solutions for Everyday Problems

What We Do

Fine Lines Solutions LLC is a reputable company that creates products that make every day projects easier and more concise. Our innovative patented straight edge technology allows consumers to get the clean straight edges and the professional outcome that every consumer desires. 

Straight Edge Technology™

Straight Edge Technology™ is an innovative new application that will first be featured on a painters tape that allows consumers to tear tape in a straight vertical line without the use of any sharp cutting tools and makes the prep work for projects safer, easier, cleaner, and more precise.

Giving Back

Fine Lines Solutions CEO, Rachel, has a personal family history of a rare form of cancer. As a way to give back to the community and for additional cancer research, Fine Lines Solutions LLC will donate a percentage of every product sold to a charitable cancer organization. Moreover, each roll of tape will be labeled with a certain color and a percentage of that particular roll will be donated to the corresponding cancer organization.